Our experience is our strength

Our rich history goes way back. In 1922, Mr. P.C. Vogelenzang started laying the foundations for Votex in Andelst. In 1951, the Robers brothers did the same in Enschede for the later Roberine company.

Both companies have become specialists in building machinery for public land. Votex with its flail mowers for verges and banks, Roberine with self powered mowers for public gardens and sports grounds.

Two specialists with much common ground have joined their forces in 2010, and share their knowledge and experience under the name of Votex ever since. Both companies have experienced flourishing and less flourishing times. Prospering times have strengthened them, troubling times have shaped and educated them. All of this has turned Votex into the company it is today; a manufacturer of machinery building on 90 years of experience, constructing extremely solid and reliable machines that make a difference.

Curious about the possibilities?