Votex – in-line flail mowers

Votex offers flail mowers for verges, ditch sides and embankments that operate at their maximum even under extreme mowing conditions. Votex offers a wide range of flail mowers that are suitable for all tractor brands, including several in-line flail mowers. Votex has various in-line falil mowers, including the Votex RML, Votex Roadmaster 07, Votex Hillmaster 2102 and the Votex Landmaster. The flail mowers have a varying width, from 120 cm up to 310 cm.

RML  | product page >

Excels in simplicity
Suited to be mounted on front and rear
Suitable for the mowing of recreation parks and verges
Able to shred light woodshed with a maximum diameter of 2 cm

Roadmaster 07 | product page >

Roadmaster 2307
The top of the inline flail mowers
A quiet and stabile performance, even under the most extreme circumstances
Suited to be mounted on front and rear
Front trailed linkage by which the machine follows the exact ground contours

Hillmaster | product page >

Votex Hillmaster
The flail mower for slopes and banks
Extreme low weight of the machine
More stability due to the three point hitch is immovably mounted and doesn´t have a side shift
An extremely stable combination

Landmaster | product page >

The flail mower for large areas
Comes as standard with 1,3 kg flails
Suitable for maintaining rough terrain
With several options for front or rear mounting