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Working at Votex involves actively applying your skills and each day seeking new horizons regarding what is technically possible.

If you would like to work at Votex, then please send us a letter or e-mail to request information regarding the possibilities.

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Why Votex?

Professionals who choose Votex opt for powerful machines that are built for maximum performance under any circumstances. Naturally, the machines of Votex have been designed so that operations can proceed safely and responsibly. Whether you are active in the maintenance of verges, sides of ditches, gardens and parks or in agriculture or horticulture. In addition, you are assured of the best end result and this at the most favourable costs per square meter. Votex machines are effectively put to work in more than 25 countries.

The power to perform also means that in the design process the technical requirements have been raised. Reliability, a long life and low maintenance costs are characteristic of all Votex machines. 

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