Side flail mowers

Votex has developed side flail mowers that can easily mow even under the most extreme conditions, making verge and ditch maintenance effortless. 

The Votex side flail mowers are robustly built machines that are highly suitable for mowing verges, ditch edges and recreational areas. Equipped with a specially developed suspension system from Votex, these mowers ensure safe maneuvering when encountering obstacles, preventing damage to both the object and the machine.

The range of side flail mowers is not just a collection of models. From the Votex Maximus, Votex Roadmaster 02s, Votex Jumbo, Votex Jumbo Flex, Jumbo Frontline to Jumbo Roadflex, each model is designed to cater to a specific need, making it a multipurpose machine for your landscaping, agricultural, and maintenance tasks.


Roadmaster 02S


Jumbo Flex

Jumbo Frontline