Hydraulic blower B20H

The B20H combines the pleasant silence of the B10H with the power of the B20PTO. The 14kw power generates a powerful air flow which makes it easy to clear away, leaves, grass, trimmings and small litter.

Robust hydraulic powered blower

The hydraulic drive makes the blower capable of operating at the most unreachable places. Attached to a boom, for instance, to blow the leaves out of a ditch, or on the other side of a hedge to clean up the trimmings. The Votex B20H. You are its limit.


Engine: Hydraulic orbit motor
Pump capacity: 50l/min at 175 bar
Weight (kg):  72
Dimensions LxWxH(cm):  74x65x70
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The advantages of the B20H blower:

  • Lots of pressure
  • Suitable for front mounting
  • Terrain adapting undercarriage is optional
  • Optional 125° fixed air outlet for narrow lanes
  • Optional 180° hydraulic rotatable air outlet

Curious about the possibilities?