Hillmaster: Professional Flail Mower for working on slopes.

The Votex Hillmaster is specifically designed for operating with low center of gravity tractors. Due to its compact construction and low weight, the Hillmaster is the ideal flail mower for mounting on low center of gravity tractors, and it can also work in combination with regular tractors. In short, the ideal machine to work on slopes.

The Hillmaster 220 can be equipped with either a fixed 3-point hitch or a hydraulic side-shift. Thanks to the reversible rotation of the rotor axis, it is possible to mow both forward and backward; as a result, the machine is also easy to deploy with tractors featuring a counterclockwise rotating front power take-off. Additionally, it is possible to work with a forward-rotating rotor axis, provided the flails are suitable. This feature can be advantageous in specific situations.

The gearbox can be readily adapted to align with the rotation direction of the tractor's power take-off. The compact Hillmaster, together with the tractor, forms an extremely stable combination that performs well even under the most extreme conditions.

The Votex Hillmaster: Beyond the Limits.





Category I/II
Mounting position Front
Min. PTO power (kW/hp) 55/75
PTO drive shaft (rpm) 1000
Cutting width (cm) 221
Overall width (cm) 245
Weight (kg) 635
Direction rotor shaft Reversible
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The advantages of the Hillmaster

  • The flail mower for slopes and banks
  • Extreme low weight of the machine
  • More stability due to the three point hitch is immovably mounted and doesn't have a side shift
  • An extremely stable combination

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