Roadmaster 07

The flail mower for those who want more results in less time.

The heavy-duty drivetrain with spiral cut teeth gear case, two power bands and a dynamically balanced rotating shaft guarantee a quiet and stable performance, even under the most extreme circumstances.

The machine can be front and rear mounted. The absolute top, is the front trailed linkage, which makes the machine act like a drawn machine in front mounted position. This way, the machine follows the exact ground contours, and you are able to achieve work rates you never even imagined.

The Votex Roadmaster 07. If you want to make the most out of your time. 


  1507 1907 2307 2607
Category II/III
Mounting position Front or rear
Min. PTO power (kW/hp) 30/40 40/55 50/68 60/82
PTO drive shaft (rpm) 540/750/1000 1000
Cutting width (cm) 145 181 217 253
Overall width (cm) 183 219 255 293
Weight (kg) 730 775 820 960
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The advantages of the Roadmaster 07

  • The top of the inline flail mowers
  • Quiet and stable, even in extreme conditions
  • Suited to be mounted on front and rear
  • Front linkage for precise ground contour following

Curious about the possibilities?