If you want to be really prepared for the future, Votex machines are your best choice. Machines that are made to last by driven professionals for driven professionals. That is the power of Votex. Votex has a comprehensive range of flail mowers, other types of mowers, blowers and leaf vacuum trailers.

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Why Votex?

Votex professionals choose a powerful machine designed for maximum performance under any circumstances. Votex machines are designed to be operated safely and responsibly. It doesn't matter whether you are active in the maintenance of verges, ditches, gardens and parks or in agriculture or horticulture. Plus, you are assured of the best result and the most favourable costs per square meter.

High performance also means increased technical requirements in the design process. All Votex machines are characterized by reliability, long life and low maintenance costs. Votex is a Dutch machine manufacturer dedicated to the maintenance of public spaces, gardens and parks. A Votex machine is a reliable machine.

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