Vacuum trailers

Vacuum Trailers: Powerhouses for All Your Cleaning Tasks

Are you looking for a powerful and efficient solution for cleaning your parks, sports fields, golf courses, or recreational areas?

Then you've come to the right place at Votex! We offer a wide range of suction trucks specifically designed to quickly and easily remove dirt, leaves and other materials.

Why should you choose a Votex Vacuum Trailer?

  • Compact and lightweight: Our vacuum trailers are designed to be compact and low-weight, making them usable even in the most sensitive locations. 
  • Powerful and efficient: Our vacuum trailers deliver maximum performance despite their compact size. They effortlessly suction up leaves, pruning waste, litter and other materials.
  • Wide range of models: We offer a wide range of vacuum trailers with container capacities ranging from 4.2 to 11 m³, ensuring you always find the perfect vacuum trailer for your needs.

Which Votex Vacuum Trailer is right for you?

  • VT420: The VT420 is our smallest vacuum truck, with a tank capacity of 4.2 m³. This vacuum truck is ideal for smaller areas or occasional use.
  • VT850: The VT850 is a popular choice for medium-sized areas. This vacuum trailer has a tank capacity of 8.5 m³ and is equipped with a powerful engine and a wide suction mouth.
  • VT1100: The VT1100 is our largest vacuum trailer, with a tank capacity of 11 m³. This vacuum trailer is perfect for large areas or for intensive use.

In addition to vacuum trailers, we also offer a wide range of blowers. 

Feel free to contact us for more information about our vacuum trailers or other machinery. We are happy to advise you on the best solution for your needs. 

Votex: Your partner for a clean and efficient environment.