Votex offers a wide range of blowers, from push blowers to PTO blowers and hydraulic to engine blowers. The smaller blowers are ideal for compact tractors and are perfect for tasks on and around sports fields. In contrast, the larger blowers are designed for more intensive users to remove leaves and debris.

In the domain of blowers, Votex boasts a balanced assortment: Push Blower B10P, Engine Blower B10M, Hydraulic Blower B10H, Hydraulic Blower B20H, PTO Blower B10, PTO Blower B20, PTO Blower B40 and PTO Blower B60.

Another reason to choose Votex is that its noise level is considerably lower than that of machines from other brands. This is not only advantageous for the customer but also for the environment.

Push blower B10P

Engine blower B10M

Hydraulic blower B10H

Hydraulic blower B20H

PTO blower B10

PTO blower B20

PTO blower B40

PTO blower B60