The in-line flail mower for the demanding professional user

The R-Max characterizes itself by its large cutting capacity, excellent cutting quality and robust construction.

Due to the excellent ground tracking, the R-Max has a perfect mowing pattern and fewer clumps of grass when placed in the front trailed linkage. Due to its solid construction, the R-Max can easily handle heavier crops such as Japanese Oats.

Besides, the bearings are integrated into the rotor shaft. As a result, the side does not have protruding parts, and the chance of breakage and damage is reduced.

Its large capacity, diverse usability and low maintenance make this machine very popular among professional users, including agricultural service supply agencies, contractors and municipal organizations.


  160 200 225 240 260
Category II
Mounting position Front or rear
Min. PTO power (kW/hp) 44/60 55/75 63/85 60/90 70/97
PTO drive shaft (rpm) 540/750/900/1000 1000
Cutting width (cm) 160 201 225 242 262
Overall width (cm) 190 230 255 270 290
Weight (kg) 874 954 1001 1036 1077
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The advantages of the R-Max

  • High capacity in-line flail mower with a perfect mowing pattern
  • The top of the inline flail mowers
  • Extremely solid construction
  • Suited to be mounted on front and rear
  • Front linkage for precise ground contour tracking

Curious about the possibilities?