Vacuum trailer for fast traffic

VT450S is a vacuum trailer with its own engine and based on a standard trailer. This makes it the most versatile and usable vacuum trailer of the current market.

The vacuum trailer is easy to break down without any tools. What’s left is a trailer with a maximum allowable mass of 3.5 ton. The trailer has a loading platform with an electric-hydraulic tipping system to three different sides. Because of the large amount of aluminum that is used, the weight of the machine is low. The trailer can be used behind practically any car, which makes it suitable for fast traffic. The Votex VT450S. The first vacuum trailer for the entire year.


Gross weight (kg): 3.500
Payload (kg): 2.550
Dimensions LxWxH (cm): 452x190x121
Container capacity (m3):  4,5
Noise level LpA (dB(A)): 91,2
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The advantages of the VT100 Vacuum trailer:

  • Unit similar to the 521M, but with special frame for Humbaur trailer
  • Easy to (dis-)mount without tools
  • Removal of the unit on special supports (without lifting)
  • Humbaur trailer on request

Curious about the possibilities?