Votex – blowers

When it comes to blowers, Votex offers a comprehensive range. You can choose anything from push blowers to PTO blowers; from hydraulic to motor blowers. The smaller blowers are suitable for compact tractors and ideally suited for work in and around sports fields. The larger blowers have been specifically developed for the professional user to collect leaves and litter simultaneously. Another reason to choose Votex is that the noise level of its machines is considerably lower than that of other brands. This benefits both the customer and the environment.

Walk behind blower B10P | product page >

The only Votex walkbehind blower
A light and stabile performance
The capacity is about 5 times higher than the capacity of a backpack blower
Gives a cleaner result without having to suffer from exhaust gasses

Engine blower B10M | product page >

Votex, engine blower, B10M
Votex engine blower with 4-stroke engine
A mechanical PTO or hydraulic connection are not needed
Light weight blower
Can be coupled to various vehicles

Hydraulic blower B10H | product page >

Blower with hydraulic drive
Low sound
Possible to mount the blower at any reachable spot with hydraulic pipes
Lightweight blower

Hydraulic blower B20H | product page >

Votex,tuinonderhoud,parkonderhoud,blazer,hydraulische blazer
Blower with hydraulic drive
With 14kw power
The fan and its housing are both made of sturdy steel
Can be coupled to various vehicles

PTO-blower B10 | product page >

Votex,tuinonderhoud,parkonderhoud,blazer,PTO blazer
From all the PTO driven blowers, B10 is the blower to start with
With a weight of 67 kg
Makes an excellent combination with the mini and compact tractors starting from 10hp
Perfectly suitable for the maintenance of artificial grass surfaces

PTO-blower B20 | product page >

Votex,tuinonderhoud,parkonderhoud,blazer,PTO blazer
Suitable for tractors starting from 20 HP
It can be used as a front or rear mounted machine
The fan with forced air guidance makes the B20 a unique machine
With an unmatched powerful blower

PTO-blower B40 | product page >

Votex,tuinonderhoud,parkonderhoud,blazer,PTO blazer
Suitable for tractors starting from 40hp
With a shared fan and a fan casing capable of drawing air in from two directions
Twice as much capacity as the B20
Perfectly suitable for roads, cycle paths, public gardens and other terrains

PTO-blower B60 | product page >

Votex,tuinonderhoud,parkonderhoud,blazer,PTO blazer
With reinforced frame to make the fan run faster
Suitable for tractors starting from 60hp
Extremely suitable for the cleaning of streets, paths and circuits
Suited to be mounted on front and rear

860 Golf | product page >

Votex 860 Golf
Robust and powerful blower
Mounting kits available for several vehicles
Good visibility
Hydraulically or mechanically power