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For verges and banks, Votex offers flail mowers that will provide the user with a flawless performance, even under the most extreme mowing circumstances. Votex has made this possible by applying the most innovative techniques, high-quality materials and practical details. Most flail mowers are equipped with a ECOMOW® mowing head. This head is more spacious and has an enlarged inlet and outlet. This way, it is easier for the vegetation to go through the machine, the work rate is higher and the demanded amount of power is lower. On top of that, the mowed vegetation will stay longer which makes it easier to clear up. The available alternative is VARIOMULCH®. This mulching blade can be adjusted continuously and will shred the vegetation more or less intense, according to the adjustment. Each Votex flail mower can be identified by the solid construction. The mowing heads are built in a way that is torsionally stiff. This causes a silent and vibration-proof performance and a very long life. And the version you choose doesn´t change all this. With the Votex flail mowers, you achieve the best results, anywhere and anytime. Votex has been building professional mowers for agricultural use for decades. Maximum quality has always been Votex’ main focus while designing the machines. And what is good is impossible to improve, even by Votex. With a wide range of content users, Votex mowers are the best in their category. Votex mowers have proven to offer a flawless and practically trouble-free performance for years, and that´s not without reason. Always ready for use, every day again. A Votex mower is a mower to rely on.



The side flail mower for the professional user. The Maximus stands out because of its extremely solid construction and its excellent mowing qualities. Its large capacity, diverse usability and low maintenance make this machine very popular among professional users, including contractors and waterboards.


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