Votex – modular mowers

Votex machines are reliable machines. They are developed with care and constructed by enthusiastic, experienced personell who know their trade. Leaving nothing to chance, Votex uses only high-quality materials. It relies exclusively on technologies that has proven itself to work in practice, which offers an even greater degree of assurance. This translates into robust machines with a reputation for quality. In the wide range of Votex mowers, a few mowers can be built modular. These are the Votex Jumbo Modular, the Votex Jumbo Flex Modular, the Votex Jumbo Frontline Modular and the Votex Roadmaster 07 Modular.

Jumbo modular  | product page >

Votex,bermonderhoud,slootonderhoud,klepelmaaier,zijklepelmaaier,Jumbo frontline,modulair
Based on the Votex Jumbo
The mowing head can be extended with a rear outlet, a discharge belt or an auger

Jumbo Flex modular | product page >

Votex,bermonderhoud,slootonderhoud,klepelmaaier,zijklepelmaaier,Jumbo Flex,modulair
Has the same features as the Jumbo Modular, but with a rotatable frame
Makes it possible to mow shallow trenches and ditches with a large mowing width

Jumbo Frontline modular | product page >

votex,modulaire maaier, maaier,modulair,jumbo
A mower with adjustable side shift and impact protection at both the front and rear
Available with an auger for removal and an outlet for rear discharge

Roadmaster 07 modular | product page >

Can be equipped with a rear outlet, a discharge belt or an auger
Unique front-trailed linkage