Votex – side flail mowers

Votex offers flail mowers for verges, ditch sides and embankments that operate at their maximum even under extreme mowing condition. Votex side flail mowers are equipped with a specially developed spring assembly, which ensure the flail mower to safely break out when hitting an obstacle. This prevents damage to the object and the machine. Votex has a wide range of side flail mowers, including the Votex roadmaster 02s, Votex Jumbo, Votex Jumbo Flex, Jumbo frontline and Jumbo Roadflex.

Maximus | product page >

The side flail mower for the professional user. The Maximus stands out because of its extremely solid construction and its excellent mowing qualities. Its large capacity, diverse usability and low maintenance make this machine very popular among professional users, including contractors and waterboards.
The side flail mower for the demanding professional user
Mowing angle -60° up to +90°
Ideal for verges, banks and ditches
Low maintenance

Roadmaster 02s | product page >

Robust side flail mower
Low maintenance
For the green management professional
Excels in simplicity

Jumbo | product page >

The side flail mower for the demanding professional user
Diverse usability
Low maintenance
Equipment with vacuuming function or a grass discharge belt is optional

Jumbo Flex | product page >

Votex,bermonderhoud,slootonderhoud,klepelmaaier,zijklepelmaaier,Jumbo flex
With the same qualities as the Jumbo, only more versatile
Side flail mower with rotatable frame
Possible to mow shallow ditches and higher located lawns
Suitable to work under almost all condition

Jumbo Frontline | product page >

Votex,bermonderhoud,slootonderhoud,klepelmaaier,zijklepelmaaier,Jumbo Frontline
When you need a good view of the mowing area, the Jumbo Frontline is the mower of choice
Specially for front mounting
With short mounting system
Side shift and the safety break back system are integrated in the same frame

Roadflex | product page >

Votex RoadFlex
Unites the side flail mower and the in-line flail mower into a single machine
A side shift of almost 250 cm enables the machine to mow at the rear as well as the side of the tractor
Including a three-point linkage with its hydraulic suspension system
The mowing head is always close to the rear