Duwblazer B10P


The walkbehind blower that takes your wishes into account. The solid steel chassis has air tyres with ball bearing for a light and stabile performance. The strong air flow of the ventilator doesn’t influence the direction of the machine because of the mitre wheels. Counter steering is no longer necessary.

The capacity is about 5 times higher than the capacity of a backpack blower. Moreover, the four stroke engine is turned away from the wind, which gives a cleaner result without having to suffer from exhaust gasses.

The Votex B10P. Standard with fresh air.

Votex ,groundscare,turfcare,blowers,walkbehind blower
EngineHonda, luchtgekoeld, GX270, 4-stroke petrol
Weight (kg)78
Dimensions LxWxH (cm)73 x 68 x 78
Noise level (dB(A))68